Online Holiday Shopping Jumps 5%

Maximum PC Staff

ComScore yesterday blessed us with a data dump on holiday shopping, and the bottom line: e-commerce racked up $27 billion in sales , a five percent jump over last year. (That, by-the-by, averages out to $88 for every man, woman, and child in the United States.)

ComScore’s total encompasses the period November 1 to December 24. Narrowing it down a bit, Black Friday to Christmas Eve, sales grew about 3.5 percent--after adjusting for the additional shopping days this year. The biggest sellers, naturally, were electronic items, which showed a 20 percent growth over last year.

Big winners were large retailers, who were able to out muscle smaller vendors by offering free shipping, and who did a fair bit of hustling on social-networking sites. (Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for social-networking.)

ComScore says that the increase in sales was driven by more people shopping online this year than last, perhaps pushed into it by the snowstorm that slammed the East coast December 19-20. ComScore also suggests that the current financial situation was reflected in the totals, with the average spent per shopper down from last year.

Image Credit: MaximumPC

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