Online Crooks Try to Cash in on Haiti Disaster

Pulkit Chandna

The cataclysmic turn of events in Haiti has sent shockwaves throughout the world. There is no dearth of individuals looking to financially support the monumental relief effort currently underway in the island nation. Everyone can be rest assured that there is no dearth of those gloating over Haiti's misery, either. Gangs of cyber scavengers have hit top gear and are pulling out all the stops to hoodwink unsuspecting, well-intentioned donors. Their methods may be old but still tend to yield rich dividends.

Since the vast majority of online charlatans use fake internet addresses, unsolicited emails and social networking sites to reach their prey, it is very easy to deny them by just ignoring the links and  attachments contained in them, howsoever affecting the cry for help. Some useful advice on identifying and reporting scams is available on the FBI's site . There Better Business Bureau also offers some valuable information on the subject, including a list of charitable organizations with proper accreditation , on its web site. Here is a typical scam doing the rounds in the UK.

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