One-Piece Swimsuit Shows what R2-D2 Would Look Like with Curves

Paul Lilly

Listen up fellas. Before you pop the big question, here's a quick test to find out if she's "the one." Head over to Black Milk Clothing and pick up an R2-D2 one-piece swimsuit. If she wears it, you know you've finally found the droid life partner you've been looking for. And if she doesn't, well, you're out $85 and should have known better than to get your girl something like this. Try flowers and diamonds next time.

The geeky one-piece is made by designer James Lillis and consists of a Polyester/Lycra mix. It comes from Australia, and if we had to gamble, we'd bet on this not being an officially licensed product. In other words, if you think this is the coolest thing you've ever seen, and aren't scared off by the price tag, don't procrastinate -- a cease and desist order can't be far behind.

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