One of These Playable Indie Games May be the Next Portal

Ryan Whitwam

The Independent Games Festival just went down, and as usual, the Student Showcase is knocking everyone’s socks off. The Student Showcase has a history of producing some amazing stuff. In fact, Valve’s uber-successful Portal was a product of the Student Showcase in 2006. Several more recent entries are about to be released on WiiWare and the Xbox Live Arcade.

The ten winners are certainly upholding the tradition of excellence in the Student Showcase. If only you could sit down and experience them now... good news, you can. Only one of the ten is not yet available for public play, but even it should be out soon.

There’s something for every taste here. For the casual gamer there’s “Paper Cakes, where the player must sketch a path for their avatar to reach the goal. Paper Cakes is especially great if you have a Wacom tablet. If you fancy yourself the artsy type, try “Dreamside Maroon” and grow a vine to the moon. Want something fast paced? Download “Igneous” and stay ahead of the lava. Just check here for the full list complete with download links . Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have some games to play.

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