One in Five Windows Users Rock Windows 7


Most Windows users feel that Windows 7 is what Vista should have been all along. That sentiment is underscored by the fact that just under 21 percent of Windows users are now sitting pretty with Microsoft's latest and greatest, Arstechnica reports .

Vista, which never touched anything approaching a 20 percent share of Windows users, is now installed on a little over 12 percent of Windows machines. That means XP still reigns supreme with a 56.72 percent share of the Windows market, though that's 10 percent less than where it started in January 2010.

Windows 7 is the only Windows OS that gained share in 2010, jumping up by 13 percentage points. Vista, meanwhile, lost a little over 5 percentage points.

Have you made the switch to Windows 7? What OS(es) are you running at home?

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