On The First Day of Christmas, My Dear Steam Gave to Me: One Incredible Holiday Sale

Nathan Grayson

Not even a month removed from its penny-pincher friendly, yet – for us – utterly bank-breaking Thanksgiving sale, Steam’s back with more holiday deals than you can shake a stocking, jingle bell, or other holiday themed shakable object at.

As with last month’s sale, Valve’s elected to rotate in new deals each day until January 3, in addition to continuous discounts on nearly every game in its colossal catalog. So, what’s under the tree today? Well, in the “this would be a pretty decent deal under any other circumstance, but Mirror’s Edge is going for $4.99, GTA IV’s at $7.49, and STALKER’s at $1.99” category is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising at $19.99. There are some other nice deals in there too, but for some reason, that one really stood out to us.

Now then, make with the buying. Not since the olde times when can-kicking was nearly an Olympic Sport could you purchase hours upon hours of cutting-edge entertainment for the price of a can of cola. Go live the consumerist dream.

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