OMGPOP CEO Bashes Ex-Employee Over Twitter Then Apologizes Over Backlash

Maximum PC Staff

Dan Porter, chief executive of OMGPOP, has gone from having less than $2,000 in his bank account, to somewhere around $180 million in less than one month. That sort of money would make just about anyone feel invincible, but as he learned this week, Twitter is the great equalizer .

The Porter controversy surrounds the only member of the OMGPOP development team who didn’t make the transition to Zynga, and it’s hard to not sympathize with his plight. Shay Pierce was told his employment offer from Zynga was conditional on him pulling his personal side project Connectrode from the iOS App Store, and he refused. Along with his termination he received a brutal round of taunting from Porter, along with a retraction and apology less than one day later.

The debate surrounding how much a company should be able to control side projects you pursue during your free time is an interesting one, but that certainly doesn’t give him the right to defame Pierce so publically. According to Pierce “I never received any indication from my manager or company that I was performing poorly and ‘about to be let go,’” Pierce told GamesBeat. “An offer of employment was extended to me, thus I assume that they must have wanted to hire me.”

Porter’s apology seems sincere, but let us know what you think in the comments below.

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