Olympus Unveils Compact Camera with Zuiko Lens

Paul Lilly

Olympus isn't quite ready to detail its upcoming compact digital camera, but from what little the company did say, we can't wait to find out more.

That's because Olympus claims to have developed the world's first digital compact camera with an integrated Zuiko lens. The new model, which doesn't have a name yet, will serve as Olympus' flagship compact cam.

The only other thing Olympus is willing to reveal at this point is that "in addition to the lens from the undisputed experts in high-quality and award-winning Zuiko system, the new camera is equipped with an accessory port and thus compatible with the accessories of the Olympus PEN-be models."

Olympus plans to launch the new camera sometime in the first quarter of 2011, and will presumably reveal a bit more about this mysterious point-n-shoot well before then.

Image Credit: Olympus

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