OLPC's Next Laptop to be Fitted with Multitouch Screen


The One Laptop Per Child team is ready to embrace multitouch displays. The not-for-profit outfit has revealed that the upcoming XO-1.75 laptop will come fitted with a 8.9-inch multitouch display . A cheaper, non-touchscreen variant of the next OLPC laptop will also be available for those allergic to touchscreens.

The XO-1.75 will sport a processor based on the ARM architecture unlike its predecessor that features an x86 processor from VIA. This shift necessitates software changes as the current version of OLPC's favorite Linux distribution, Fedora, is still missing an ARM port. Chris Ball, lead software engineer for OLPC, said in an e-mail statement that future OLPC machines will continue to use Fedora as their main Linux distribution.

"We need to rebuild each of the thousands of Fedora packages for Arm from their Fedora 13 versions, so that includes everything from the kernel and drivers up through all of the other packages, including Sugar,” Ball said.

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