OLED Market Erupts in Third Quarter, Sets Record Revenue

Paul Lilly

It's too early to say the OLED revolution has begun, but it's probably a safe bet that you'll see a lot more OLED products in 2010, at least if the end of 2009 is any indication. According to research firm DisplaySearch, worldwide OLED revenues " shattered its previous record " climbing to $252 million in Q3 2009, up 31 percent from the previous quarter.

DisplaySearch attributes much of the growth to Samusng, who the firm says maintained its strong lead in OLED shipments and captured 73 percent of the AMOLED revenue market share.

"While the mobile phone industry continues to suffer as a result of the economy, Samsung’s marketing initiatives have propelled high-end AMOLED mobile phone demand to new heights," noted Hiroshi Hayase, DisplaySearch Director of Small/Medium Displays. "The company is forecast to maintain its lead in mobile displays in 2010."

Not doing so hot is PMOLED, which DisplaySearch says didn't grow from 2008 to 2008, largely the result of the shift from clam-shell type phones that use PMOLED to higher-end smartphones that use OLED.

Image Credit: mobilewhack.com

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