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I was there through it all and I love re reading these.



I remember the only 2 AGP cards I used.  One was an SiS (K-something) S3 ViRGE 64MB which got me going for a while until it lagged like hell when I tried to play Need for Speed Underground (it still lagged a bit on the lowest detail possible).  I originally wanted to use the card for boosting the lackluster performance I had in Starsiege until I found out that my 1.1 Ghz AMD Duron alone was good enough to run the game at max settings (Starsiege I think was one of the last games to have great performance with either a discrete GPU OR a really fast CPU).  My other AGP card was an ATI Radeon 9200SE 128MB (I forget whether it was OEM or a Diamond) which helped me get a little bit more performance on higher detail for NFSU.  I didn't think that AGP lasted that long into the Radeon range until I was looking for an AGP card for my older brother's old XP machine and noticed the Radeon HD 4600 series (he got an XFX Radeon HD 4670 for $100).



The video card on my 6 year-old box died a few weeks ago. I replaced it with a 1GB Radeon HD 4650 AGP.



I have to disagree with the statement - "as long as you opted for a motherboard with an AGP slot versus one with an integrated GPU (you couldn’t upgrade the latter)"

I built several systems over the years for myself, friends and family with motherboards that included integrated GPU's AND an AGP slot. It was an economical way build a system for non-gamers and allowed for upgrading later to a discrete graphics adaptor should the need arise.



I remember having a MB with integrated graphics and an AGP slot too. Maybe when the first AGP boards hit the market it was one or the other (the same time frame this article was written)?


Fecal Face

If this is where we were at 13 years ago, where are we going to be 13 years in the future?

Technology only seems to be advancing faster and faster..



serious 256x256 textures

making aftermarket demand incredibly low




I was on AGP until just last winter. I started out with an AGP Raedon 9550, got a Geforce 6800, and finally a Radeon X1950 before i bought myself a PCI-E board and an 8800GT



I fondly remember looking at all these things with awe and thinking how incredibly powerful they are...


Now you can get more power in a wrist watch...