Old School Monday: TV and the PC

Amber Bouman

For this week’s installment of Old School Monday (but actually a Tuesday because of Labor Day) we’ve got a little HTPC Before-and-After. The After, of course, is our recent feature on how to build the ultimate 3D home theater PC . You should check out the article, but the long and the short of it is that we set up a beast of a system, able to play video in 3D, play and record up to 4 TV channels at once, and stream pretty much everything under the sun from the internet.

So what’s the Before? It’s this beauty, from The October 1996 issue of Boot (our predecessor):

In 1996, the idea of a living room PC was still on shaky footing. The article cites a survey that says half of adults would be interested in TV/PC hybrid, but as we know that market never quite materialized. High-end TVs are becoming more computer-like, with web-enabled overlays and widgets, but the real incursion of the computer into the living room is coming via PC-like consoles and inexpensive streaming boxes.

Still, it's an interesting bit of perspective, so check it out:

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