Old School Monday: Rig of the Year

Amber Bouman

One of the most important things separating "PC Enthusiasts" from regular old "PC Users" is the act of buildling and customizing your own PC. We don't know if this will be true forever (here's hoping), but it's definitely true now, and it was true back in 2001 when we first published today's Old School Monday article, called Rigs of the Year .

We asked our local built-it guru (and Senior Associate Editor) Nathan Edwards to stop thoughtfully combing his moustache for a moment and chime in on these rigs of yesteryear. Here's what he had to say:

"Nine years ago we could fill three pages with fifteen awesome rigs from our readers. This year? Our Rig mailbox is nothing but letters from deposed Nigerian warlords and the wives who launder money from them. Sadly, we couldn't get regular enough sumbissions to run one rig a month in the magazine, so we had to take this section out back behind the shed and shoot it. But we hear this internet thing has plenty of room so if you've built a great mod and want to show it off, email rig@maximumpc.com and your rig could get posted on the site. You won't win anything, except for the aclaim and adulation of your peers, but that's more than reason enough, right? Right?"

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