Old School Monday: Microsoft's Original Direct X Messiah

Amber Bouman

In this week's installment of Old-School Monday, we focus our sights on boot magazine's first interview with Alex St. John, Microsoft's Game Technology Evangelist circa 1996/1997, and a major force behind the effort to establish Windows as the premier platform for 3D gaming.

Bold, brash and bodaciously opinionated, Alex St. John impressed us so much with his proclivity for candor and bean-spilling about Microsoft and the PC games industry, we asked him back for a second interview (and later signed him on as a monthly columnist for boot and then Maximum PC after he left Microsoft) . And the Hummer you see in the interview photos? Our editorial director, Jon Phillips, still remembers Alex's story of how he got the Hummer, well, wedged in the exit tunnel of Microsoft's parking garage, stopping outbound traffic for all. Yep, that's Alex!

But enough about the excesses of a large man with a large personality and a really large car. If you care about the origins of 3D acceleration on the PC, read on for details on how it all began.

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