Old School Monday: Lab-tastic!

Amber Bouman

We've shown you what our lab currently looks like ( Photo Awesome #2 ), but since this is Old School Monday we thought perhaps a quick shout out to the boot lab of yesterday would make for a nice contrast. Gordon gives a shout out to our much-missed pal, Andy Sanchez (pictured):

New readers who aren’t familiar with Editor Emeritus Andrew “Handy Andy” Sanchez  should know that he was the most bad-ass editor who ever walked the halls of boot magazine and Maximum PC. He was the Guns of Navarone, a mushroom-cloud laying editor when it came to crappy products. He unfortunately passed away, way before his time, while working on the April 1999 issue of Maximum PC. In this Old School Monday, we see Handy Andy where he belonged, where he thrived – in the bootLab in late 1997 benchmarking, overclocking and likely, kicking ass and taking names. Rest in peace brother, the world misses you.

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