Old School Monday: Ad Hoc Evangelist

Amber Bouman

Maximum PC has had the pleasure of speaking to Carmack on a number of occasions . This story, which appeared in our December 1997 issue, was an important one. It's hard to remember back all the way to 1997, which for gamers represented the onset of the age of 3D gaming. John Carmack was one of the key innovators during this era and was also an insurrectionist of sorts for attempting to rally game developers around the OpenGL standard as opposed to Direct3D. Those were heady times for gamers, and Carmack maintained a constant presence online via his "finger" file.

These days, the 3D landscape is an entirely different (and mature) scene. While id has lost some relevance as Epic has become more dominant and more game development studios have begun rolling their own 3D engines, Carmack remains a guru and a titan of 3D engine design. His next engine - and id's next game - is named Rage .

Click on the pages for a fascinating look at what the state of 3D games and 3D engines was 13 years ago.

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