Offline Editing Returns to Google Docs

Pulkit Chandna

After being absent for over a year, offline functionality finally returned to Google Docs in September 2011.  This time, though, things were slightly different as the feature was powered by HTML5 and not Google Gears, and offline access was restricted to viewing alone. On Thursday, the second day of Google’s annual I/O developer conference, Google made things much better by announcing the return of offline document editing for Chrome and Chrome OS.

“No internet connection? No big deal. With offline editing, you can create and edit Google documents and leave comments. Any changes you make will be automatically synced when you get back online,” Clay Bavor, director of product management for Google Apps, on the official Google Docs blog .

“You can enable offline editing from the gear icon in Google Drive and find more detailed instructions for getting set up in the Help Center. Note that you’ll need the latest versions of Chrome or ChromeOS to edit offline. We’re also working hard to make offline editing for spreadsheets and presentations available in the future.”

But Google did not stop there. It also announced another highly sought-after feature: Drive for iOS. The Google Drive app is now available in the App store for iDevices running iOS 5.0+.

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