Official EVGA Version of Catzilla Benchmark Now Available to Download



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Shameless trolling by EVGA to get you to spend a few $$ on a useless bench. Stick with Unigine and 3D Mark. Too bad, I buy ONLY EVGA video cards.



I didn't care for this benchmark. I had one of the "beta" versions and they kept rendering older versions inoperable during my personal benchmarking, invalidating the results.

Running this benchmark makes me feel that the feds are going to come pay me a visit because it features an underaged Japanese schoolgirl, that the Japanese are going to come after me because it blatantly rips off a reasonably renown (as far as these things go) anime series and just bad in general because it features soldiers being senselessly slaughtered by a giant scraggly cat.

Being able to test a machine with a benchmark that MPC uses would be kinda cool, but not 5 dollars cool.



A free 720p benchmark, What a treat...
I fail to see the point in paying to watch a few minutes of a silly benchmark, even if it's just a few dollars. To each his own I guess?