Official ChevronWP7 Windows Phone Unlock Tool Is Live

Ryan Whitwam

You may recall that shortly after its launch, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 was hacked by the Chevron team, allowing users to install homebrew apps without a pricey developer account. Microsoft asked the devs to pull it down as the tool interfered with updating devices, but promised to work with the developers to officially support unlocking. Well, the day has finally arrived . Official Windows Phone unlocking is available for a nominal fee, and users won’t even have to void warranties to do it.

To get started, Windows Phone users will need to log in with a Windows Live ID on the ChevronWP7 site. Once in, it’s just a one time $9 fee for unlimited unlocks on a single handset. That’s just a fraction of Microsoft's $99 yearly developer fee. When the device is registered, it goes into a queue to be unlocked.

It’s taken some time, but we’re happy to see that Microsoft lived up to its promise to work with the Chevron team. Homebrew development can lead to new apps for the platform’s official store, and increased excitement around the platform. Any Windows Phone users out there that are planning to use the ChevronWP7 unlock?

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