Office for iPad: Possible to Activate More Than Five Devices with Single Subscription

Pulkit Chandna

Company ‘trusts’ users to voluntarily stay within bounds

On Thursday, Microsoft took the unprecedented step of launching a dedicated version of its Office productivity suite for the Apple iPad , giving all iPad users the ability to view Office documents on the go for free, and those willing to pay $100 per year for an Office 365 subscription the power to edit and create them. There’s a slight problem, though.

Although when Microsoft announced Office for iPad it said that an Office 365 subscription could only be used for a maximum of five tablets (in addition to up to five PCs), it turns out that the limit isn’t being enforced strictly at the moment. According to Cnet, which discovered this loophole after “tinkering with numerous devices,” a single Office 365 subscription can, in fact, be used with more than five tablets.

"Similar to our commercial use rights, we do not strictly enforce the limit on tablet installations, but trust that our users respect and understand the device limits outlined in the EULA [end user rights agreement]," Microsoft told CNET when asked about the loophole.

So to sum it up, while it is technically possible for you to use a single subscription with more than five iPads, it is something Microsoft would like you to avoid in keeping with the EULA.

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