OEMs Banned from Using XP on Netbooks Starting in October

Ryan Whitwam

If you prefer your netbooks in the Windows XP flavor, you might want to plan ahead and buy a six pack. Starting this coming October, Microsoft will no longer allow manufacturers to install XP on netbooks. Microsoft has previously alerted OEMs to this, but took the opportunity this week to remind everyone.

Microsoft went out of its way to optimize Windows 7 for netbooks, and most users seem to be fine with the newer OS. The number of Windows 7 netbooks has been increasing steadily, while XP machines are declining, Though, there are still a number of XP netbooks being sold.

OEMs are rumored to be paying about $50 per Windows 7 license, as opposed to a mere $15 for XP. We can see why they'd want to continue offering XP on some machines, given the famously low profit margins on netbooks. Do you still want XP on your netbooks?

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