OEM System Builders Respond to Sandy Bridge Situation

Paul Lilly

One of the questions we cover in our continually updated FAQ regarding Intel's Sandy Bridge chipset fiasco is how OEMs plan to deal with the situation. With new parts not expected to ship until April, can you even buy a Sandy Bridge rig at this point? And what about Sandy Bridge systems that have already shipped?

There really isn't a single answer here, as it's up to each individual vendor to decide how to proceed. Boutique system builder Origin, for example, is offering a lifetime warranty for anyone who wants to roll the dice and the keep their Sandy Bridge system. Should something go wrong, Origin says it will foot the bill for all charges, including shipping. For new orders, Origin is offering to slap a PCI Express-based SATA II card free of charge to sidestep the potential issue, or you can wait it out until April when new boards ship.

Puget is taking a similar approach, in that it is offering to replace affected boards once the new parts arrive (no word on whether or not they'll cover shipping both ways). Alternately, Puget is also offering to ship out a SATA controller card, which might be the most painless solution.

What you can take away from all this is that you can still purchase a pre-built Sandy Bridge system, just be sure to check with your vendor of choice before hand to see what your options are when the updated silicon starts shipping.

Image Credit: Puget

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