OCZ Vertex 2 100GB Review


OCZ Vertex 2 100GB Review

In June, we tested OCZ’s Vertex Limited Edition, one of two drives we had that used the SandForce SF-1200 controller. At the time, we wondered why OCZ would artificially limit supplies of an SSD with such great performance. And now we know: It was a trial run to help SandForce, a recent startup, gain capital to scale up production. It’s since done that, and in gratitude to OCZ has granted the company exclusive random-write-IOPS-boosting firmware for its Vertex 2 drives. The new firmware will be available to other SF-1200 drives (probably by the time this issue hits stands)—but as of press time, it’s an OCZ Vertex 2 exclusive deal. Ethics of “exclusive firmware” aside, is the Vertex 2 any better than its Limited Edition stable mate?

Say hello to our new Best of the Best 3Gb/s SSD, the OCZ Vertex 2 100GB.

Sweet particulate platypus, yes. We lauded the sequential write speeds of the two SandForce drives we tested previously, but noted that their sequential reads were still lower than those of Barefoot drives like the Corsair Nova and Patriot Torqx. The Vertex 2 has no such limitations; its HDTune 4.01 average sequential write is identical to the LE’s, but its average sequential read is a whopping 228MB/s on our test bed, faster than any SSD we’ve tested to date. 4KB random read IOPS were in the 11,000 range, with write IOPS in the 10,000 range. This is a far cry from the 50,000 IOPS OCZ claims that the firmware allows, but still the highest we’ve ever seen with our current test suite, which uses a different program to measure IOPS than OCZ does. Interestingly, random IOPS in the Corsair Force F100 are nearly on par with the Vertex 2, which was supposed to have a firmware-driven lead, but the Vertex 2 does outstrip the F100 in sustained reads. This, again, could be a benchmark-related issue.

The Vertex 2 also clocks one of the highest single-drive PCMark Vantage HDD subscores we’ve ever seen, at nearly 35,000. In fact, it is as good as or better than every SSD we’ve ever tested in nearly every category (although Intel’s drives still reign supreme in random-write speeds).

It’s been a long time since we could unequivocally give a Kick Ass award to a solid state drive—the Patriot Torqx has held our Best of the Best spot for a long time—but the OCZ Vertex 2 takes the crown. Prices range from $200 for 50GB to over $1,800 for 480GB; the 100GB version is $400.

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OCZ Vertex 2 100GB

Salsa Verde

Blazing fast. Exclusive high-IOPS firmware. Capacities up to 480GB.

Pasa Doble

Random writes still not in Intel territory.




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I stayed away from OCZ after reading all the reviews. I went with Crucial M4 256G instead. And i'm loving it!



everyone is ranking these as the fastest...  sure


but reliability!  I've had these things break on me so many times. 


Currently switched to Intel... lets see if this goes passed my previous vertex record of 8 months



Before slamming a good SSD drive you should do a little research on them.  It's a known fact that SSD's are a new technology designed to run on the newer OS's, such as Windows 7.  These drives are for enthusiast's who want the fastest, and newest technology.  You cannot expect the same preformance enhancements with XP when the drives weren't designed with them in mind in the first place.  If you don't want to upgrade to Windows 7 then stick with HHD drives in a RAID array and don't slam SSD drives when you don't even know what you are talking about.  Also for the record Windows 7 blows XP out of the water and it can even run XP within itself in a Virtual Machince so I don't understand your logic there either!


Bullwinkle J Moose

I don't use Gov't spnsored spyware platforms like Windows 7

I prefer a fast and stable O.S. that will run ALL of my applications without spying on me

Virtualized XP huh?

I don't think so..

I don't need a virtualized spyware platform running on top of another spyware platform

If security is any concern to YOU, then you should use use an O.S. that is not capeable of spying on everything you do

Michael AuYeung's 8in1 XP CD was a perfect example of this

It contains a Volume Licenced copy of XP-Pro SP1 without any viruses or spyware

Just Rip the VLC copy from the disk, Slipstream SP2 and make a Bootable "DVD" with all your own drivers and portable apps included

Since the app's are NOT installed, they can't possibly mess up your registry so your computer will ALWAYS work without any DLL conflicts

Windows 7, on the other hand, cannot run most of my portable applications and Virtual XP mode runs them WAY too slow

Since Microsoft was found guilty of violating 3rd party patents and copyrights within their XP, Vista and Windows 7 code, their Licencing agreement became NULL AND VOID so using an "Allegedly" Illegal copy of XP is now nothing more than propaganda spin to scare the sheeple

Let me clarify that point for you..

You are NOT entitled to enter into ANY Licensing Agreement that violates a 3rd party's patents and/or copyright's without that party's consent and inclusion in said License!

It is the "LEGAL" copies of Windows that are the most blatantly Illegal


I did my research

Now it's YOUR turn!






Wanna post some links that show your "proof" huh? your "research"?


I have 2 (more) words for you.




I used XP for 10 years. Tried Windows 7 beta for a few months, reinstalled XP and was appaled at how crappy XP was in comparason. Installed Windows 7 and never looked back. But that's just me.


Bullwinkle J Moose

Horrible drives

Copy and paste speed is always less than 4MB/sec on an ATOM dualcore running XP-SP2

Read the Horror stories over at OCZ Forums!

If you want to brick your drive or lose all your data, just follow OCZ's firmware and tweaking advice

Copy and paste speed is faster on a 640GB Western Digital 2.5" laptop drive running at 5400RPM

Sure it boots quickly, 12 second boot on an ATOM (Same as my 300X Compact Flash) but who would want to trust their data to an SSD that uses thumbdrive grade flash memory?

No need to align the partition on an Intel SSD with XP

You do remember XP don't you?

It's that O.S. that still has a user base greater than ALL Vista and Windows 7 boxes combined!

If it doesn't work in XP without a hundred tweaks that brick the drive, what is this crap for?

Oh yeah, Windows 7, the other piece of crap!



I bought one of these due to the ratings they got in Maximum PC, and i did some benchmarking of my own, using random data, not just writing 1s or 0s for an entire benchmark it just gets horrible speeds, i agree it has high speeds for just writing and reading 1s or 0s benchmarking, but thats not the important benchmark.  

I am getting 65 MB/s range write speeds, and 160 MB/s read speeds for random data, where i bought another SSD and it gets 250 MB/s read and 150 MB/s read speeds for random data.  And are we not looking for real world data for benchmarking?



What was the 'other' SSD that had good speeds? I am getting ready to buy the Corsair drive because of better read speeds because I'm going to put my ebook PDF library on it and do keyword searches. I have 1000's of ebooks, tens of thousands actually and am more interested in read speeds.



Terrific drive, quick. Too small really but does make programs, boot , downloads, file transfers, boot and shutdown times, and web browsers quicker. Will not come out of sleep prperly though. Known bug and OCZ is working on it. I am using hibernate instead to save electricity but kind of negates the time I save elsewhere waiting for hibernate to boot up!