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OCZ Vertex LE 100GB

At A Glance

The Good

Very fast sustained read and write speeds; TRIM support; cheap.

The Bad

Limited edition; not much to look at.

Limited Edition? I'll take eight!

OCZ clearly hopes the perceived rarity of its Limited Edition Vertex drive will increase desire for the product. A limited run of 5,000 is one way to do that. But if you’ve got a drive with performance this good, wouldn’t you want everyone to buy one?

Like the OWC Mercury Extreme Enterprise, the OCZ Vertex Limited Edition is a 100GB drive built on the SandForce SF-1500 controller. It’s the same architecture as OCZ’s cancelled Vertex 2 Pro, and when the 5,000 Limited Edition drives run out, there will doubtless be a successor waiting.

The Vertex LE is another great SandForce SSD, but it ain't much to look at.

The Vertex LE offers performance near-identical to the OWC Mercury: 197.5MB/s average sustained reads, with write speeds over 220MB/s, and 4KB random read and write IOPS in the 5,000 range. Its minimum read speeds were slightly higher in our tests; the Mercury dipped to a still-excellent 135MB/s minimum sustained read, while the Vertex’ slowest sustained reads were more than 170MB/s. These speeds would have been unheard of a little more than a year ago—we’re pleased as punch at how far SSDs have come.

We’re not going to tell you to run out and grab a Vertex Limited Edition as fast as you can, just because they’re awesome and fast and have TRIM and availability is limited. But you certainly won’t regret getting one. And at street prices already under $400, if you can find one, snatch it up. Or wait until OCZ’s next SandForce-toting drive comes out. It’ll likely be just as awesome.

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OCZ Vertex LE 100GB

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