OCZ Unveils First Fatal1ty Brand DDR2 and DDR3 Memory After Partnership Announcement


Love him or hate him, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel has managed to get his branding slapped onto nearly every PC component it takes to build a computer, leaving only hard drives and processors left to conquer. Don't believe it? Have a look for yourself . Motherboard? Check. Videocard? Check. Case, soundcard, mouse, keyboard, and headset? Check, check, and check ad nauseum. And thanks to a recent partnership with OCZ now coming to fruition, Fatal1ty can notch both DDR2 and DDR3 memory into his belt too.

"OCZ worked closely with Fatal1ty and his team to design new memory kits that pair perfectly with the top selling motherboards for a superior gaming experience," commented Alex Mei , cheif marketing officer of OCZ.

The press release works hard to tie Fatal1ty to its new line of memory, claiming the branded kits "were co-developed with the expertise of Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, 12-time World champion, to meet the specific needs of fellow gamers." Is anyone else having trouble picturing Wendel developing memory kits somewhere in his free time between gaming tournaments and honing his skills on company sponsored hardware? Maybe Wendel really is a master of module design, but marketing mojo aside, here's what the collaboration has come up with:

OCZ claims each Fatal1ty Edition kit is "designed to help deliver exceptional gaming visuals and overclocking potential," and it's the latter claim that will ulitimately decide where these kits belong in the marketplace. Tighter timed modules already exist at each speed grade, some of which OCZ sells, so the Fatal1ty nomenclature will have to bring more to the table than a spiffy heatspreader to win the hearts of enthusiasts. Then again, hardcore enthusiasts have never been quick to jump on the Fatal1ty bandwagon in the first place, so maybe a flashy package will be all that's needed to attract whoever's buying these products.

Image Credit: OCZ

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