OCZ Unveils 16TB Solid State Storage Solution for Cloud Computing

Paul Lilly

With so much data moving to the cloud these days, OCZ figured the time was right to roll out its Z-Drive R4 CloudServ PCI Express solid storage solution, essentially a massive 16TB solid state drive (SSD) designed to accelerate cloud computing applications and significantly cut down operating costs in the data center, the company explains.

"The Z-Drive R4 CloudServ PCIe solid state drive delivers game-changing performance and enables clients to process massive data-sets with up to 16TB of storage capacity on a single, easy-to-deploy card," said Ryan Petersen , CEO of OCZ Technology. "With this new solution, system architects are able to design more efficient and dynamic cloud computing infrastructures while simultaneously reducing system complexity and the high maintenance costs associated with traditional infrastructures."

OCZ says its Z-Drive R4 CloudServ serves up to 6GB/s of bandwidth and delivers up to 1.4 million IOPS. It's built around cost effective multi-level cell (MLC) memory, supports 256-bit AES encryption, and implements OCZ's proprietary Virtualized Controller Architecture (VCA) 2.0 to provide a multifaceted virtualization layer with TRIM, SCSI unmap, and SMART monitoring.

The Z-Drive R4 CloudServ will be available in capacities ranging from 300GB to 16TB. No word on price.

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