OCZ Targets Laptops with XMP Enabled SO-DIMMs

Paul Lilly

The upsurge of netbooks in the past several months serves as proof positive that users are more concerned with mobility than they are raw power, and so one could argue OCZ is taking a certain risk by releasing Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) SO-DIMMs. But lest we forget, desktop replacements have become surprisingly affordable as of late, which was underscored by Gateway's P-7811FX notebook, and enthusiast-oriented notebook memory may just find a niche audience.

"XMP is for performance what 3D is for games, and the introduction of the profiles allows on-the-go enthusiasts to make the most of their Intel mobile platforms," commented Dr. Michael Schuette , VP of Technology development at OCZ Technology. "As a result of our involvement with Intel from the very beginning of the mobile XMP concept, today we are releasing 2GB high performance SO-DIMMs designed as a no-compromise solution to complement Intel's mobile computing platform for the ultimate user experience."

OCZ claims it's XMP-ready memory will boot at its rated specs (DDR3-1066MHz, CL6-6-6-16) on any Intel Core 2 Extreme or Centrino 2 system without any tinkering.

No word yet on when OCZ's XMP PC3-8500 notebook memory will be available or at what price.

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