OCZ Still Pimping the Fatal1ty Brand, Unveils a New 750W PSU

Paul Lilly

We never bought into the whole Fatal1ty hype ourselves, and judging by the reader comments that inevitably accompany these types of posts, neither did most of you. Nevertheless, arguably the world's most infamous gamer, Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel, will have his gamertag slapped on another power supply product from OCZ, a 750W modular unit.

"Working with Fatal1ty to build the ultimate PSU for a high-performance gaming environment was a great experience," commented Ryan Edwards , Director of Product Management at OCZ Technology. "Jonathan and OCZ share a common commitment to performance and reliability aimed at supporting the user in even the most intense competitive gaming and enthusiast environments. With the new Fatal1ty 750, gamers and power users alike can be confident their system is fueled by a top-notch PSU with the latest in technology and design."

Underneath the Fatal1ty logo sits an 80+ Bronze Certified power supply capable of 750W continuous at 45C. Modular cables consist of four 6+2-pin PCI-E, six peripheral, two floppy, and six SATA connectors, while permanent connections consist of one 20/24-pin ATX, one 8-pin CPU, and one 4+4-pin CPU.

No price or release date has yet been set, though for reference OCZ's 700W Fatal1ty model sells for between $105 to $135 online.

Image Credit: OCZ

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