OCZ Shows Off Everest 2 SSD Controller With Improved Write Speeds

Brad Chacos

After OCZ snatched up SSD controller-maker Indilinx back in March of 2011, it took them nearly nine months to work the company’s speedy new Everest controller into an actual product. (The Everest-sporting OCZ Octane launched back in the beginning of November.) It’s going to take them less time than that to roll out an Everest update; at CES, OCZ is showing off its new Everest 2 controller, which doubles up on the first-gen’s random IOPS performance and should hit the streets in June.

According to Anandtech , OCZ’s claiming that the Everest 2 will hit 550MB/s read, 500MB/s write and a whopping 90K 4KB random write IOPS. We’re assuming that’s via SATA 3.0; for comparison, the OCZ Octane’s claimed SATA 3.0 numbers are 560MB/s read, 400 MB/s write and 45k random IOPS. Indilinx clearly spent time focusing on write speeds, and Everest 2 achieves the higher numbers thanks to a brand-spankin' new firmware architecture. It sounds impressive and hey, now Flag Day's not the only thing we have to look forward to in June.

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