OCZ Reveals Aggressive SSD Roadmap

Paul Lilly

In 2009, OCZ emerged as one of the busiest makers of SSDs on the planet, and lest you thought they might kick it down a notch in 2010, take a look at company's roadmap .

There will be no slowing down for OCZ, who is wasting no time in transitioning to 34nm and 32nm NAND flash memory. This will allow OCZ to introduce larger models, including 512GB versions of the Vertex and Agility series. The company's also planning a 1.8-inch SSD built around Indilinx's new Amigos controller.

The next generation of Vertex drives, Vertex 2, will sport a customized SF-1200 controller from SandForce and boast 270MB/s read and 260MB/s write speeds, putting them close to the theoretical bandwidth limits of SATA II.

OCZ also plans to expand its Z-Drive series, which use the PCI-E bus. The upcoming Z-Drive e88 will come rated at up 1400MB/s read and 1500MB/s write speeds, however it will be mainly targeted at enterprise environments. On the desktop front, the Z-Drive p88 will boast 1300MB/s read and 1200MB/s write speeds.

No word yet on pricing for any of the upcoming models.

Image Credit: OCZ

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