OCZ Releases "Arowana" Firmware Update For SSDs With Indilinx Barefoot Controllers

Brad Chacos

Way back in May of last year, OCZ announced it was rolling out a new firmware update for its Indilinx SSD controllers, the more-than-a-mouthful "Arowana Flash Translation Layer" update. Vertex Plus owners received the swanky new software in relatively short order, but it took until now -- nearly 10 months later -- for Indilinx Barefoot-controlled SSDs to garner the same attention. They say it's better late than never, though, and initial reports say that Arowana delivers some solid results.

The SSD Review took a Arowana-equipped 64GB OCZ Agility with 34nm Intel NAND for a whirl through several benchmarks and found that while 4K random read speeds took a very slight dip, 4K random write speeds increased threefold after Arowana was applied. Access times also got a big boost, while sequential read/write speeds each improved by roughly 10 MB/s.

Basically, it seems like a no-brainer update for Indilinx Barefoot SSD owners (34nm Vertex/Agility/Solid2 drives). Head over to the OCZ Forums for a download link and how-to on determining whether or not your Barefoot drive is Arowana-compatible (Protip: if it was made before 2009, it isn't), or take a stroll over to the SSD Review for a barrage of before and after benchmarks . Don't forget to back up your data -- the update will wipe your drive clean.

Image credit: hardwarecanucks.com

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