OCZ Refreshes Vertex and Colossus SSD Lines

Paul Lilly

OCZ on Tuesday announced tweaked versions of its first generation Vertex and Colossus solid state drive (SSD) series, the Vertex Plus and Colossus Plus.

While both drives still sport the Indilinx controller, OCZ said the Plus versions are "based on optimized firmware that boosts performance to new, competitive levels." OCZ didn't back that claim with very many numbers, though did say the Colossus Plus features an internal RAID 0 design capable of more than 40,000 4K random write IOPS.

"The original Vertex and Colossus series of solid state drives set the benchmark for performance and reliability, and quickly became top-selling solutions for customers seeking all the benefits of SSD technology over traditional rotational media both in mobile and desktop computing," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of OCZ Technology Group. "The new Vertex Plus and Colossus Plus further improve on already popular products by delivering higher performance with the latest NAND technology, and make SSDs even more accessible to customers with a lower cost per gigabyte."

No word on price or availability, though OCZ did promise the new drives will over a lower cost per gigabyte than the original versions.

Image Credit: Anandtech

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