OCZ Races to One Million SSDs Shipped

Paul Lilly

You'd have a hard time arguing that any company is more active in the solid state drive space than OCZ. In addition to a dizzying number of SATA-based SSD lines, OCZ also offers SSD options in USB 3.0, HDSL (High Speed Data Link), and PCI-Express, covering just about all the bases. It's easy to believe, then, that OCZ just shipped its one millionth SSD, and as far as we know, they're the only company to have done so.

"Solid state drives continue to represent a game-changing technology for both consumers and enterprise clients, and we are proud to achieve this milestone," said Ryan Petersen , CEO of OCZ. "But most of all, I wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers and partners, without whom this success would not be possible."

Where things go from here will be interesting to watch. OCZ just recently acquired Indilinx, makers of the popular Barefoot controller and a direct competitor to SandForce, whose controllers drive many of OCZ's SSDs. OCZ said it will continue to utilize SandForce controllers in some of its upcoming SSDs, but it stands to reason that at some point, OCZ will want to rely on its own controllers rather than outsourcing.

Image Credit: OCZ

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