OCZ Mini-Kart


The Mini-Kart is so small you could lose it in a bag of potato chips if you're not careful. Luckily, an included lanyard helps you keep track of the wee device. Instead of the standard rectangular metal USB port, the Mini-Kart’s pins are out in the open—it doesn’t even have a cap.

That seemed iffy to us, but we ran the Mini-Kart through our rigorous Pocket Test, and it (and our data)survived without any problems.

The Mini-Kart held its ground against the Kingston and Crucial drives in speed tests, and did so without all the extra physical bulk of the other products. The diminutive size is really the Mini-Kart’s main selling point.

It doesn’t include any software at all, which we’d normally ding a drive for, but its low price makes us a little more lenient. If you don’t care about security software or have already purchased your own, by all means take the Mini-Kart plunge.

Month Reviewed: September 2006

+ GO-CART: Ultra small, and you won't lose the cap because there isn't one.

- SHOPPING CART: No software bundle, and exposed connectors.


URL: www.ocz.com

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