OCZ Launches Blazing Fast 1TB 2.5-inch SSDs

Brad Chacos

The common line on solid state drives is that you can’t beat their speed, but the itty-bitty storage space capabilities leave a lot to be desired, at least on laptops. OCZ’s new Octane series of SSDs want to put an end to that disclaimer. The Octane line claims to be the first to cram 1 TB of SSD storage into a slim and trim 2.5-inch laptop drive, and if that wasn’t enough, its advertised read-write speeds are freakin’ fast . Maybe they should have called it the High Octane series?

OCZ claims the SATA 3.0 versions of the Octane drives hit 560MB/s read and 400 MB/s write speeds while simultaneously hitting 45,000 random read 4K IOPS. The SATA 2.0 (dubbed the Octane-S2) version is slower, but still manages to hit 275/265MB/s read/write speeds and 30,000 IOPS. That kind of data-pushing is thanks to the new “Everest” controller found inside the drives; OCZ bought Indilinx, the company that makes the controller, back in March. This is the first OCZ product to utilize the technology. As if all that wasn’t reason enough to take a nice, hard look at the Octane line, OCZ claims that Indilinx’s “NDurance” technology makes the drives last nearly twice as long as SSDs from other manufacturers.

Some more specs: the press release promises latency times of 0.06ms read and 0.09ms write, a dual-core CPU, a DRAM cache size up to 512MB, and support for AES and automatic encryption. Expect models ranging from 128GB to 1TB in size to hit store shelves on November 1st.

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