OCZ Issues Fix for Sandforce BSOD Issue

Pulkit Chandna

OCZ has finally issued a fix for the BSOD/disconnect issue plaguing its SF-2200 based solid-state drives (SSDs). The problem isn’t limited to OCZ drives alone, but is known to affect drives with Sandforce SF-2200 controllers from other vendors as well. However, OCZ is the first vendor to issue a fix, which comes in form of a firmware update .

“OCZ is pleased to announce that the cause of a BSOD issue experienced by some SF-2000-based drive owners has been identified by OCZ and SandForce,” the company said in a statement Monday.“A new firmware update which directly addresses this BSOD occurrence related to SF-2000 based SSDs is available here.”

“All newly manufactured OCZ SF-2000 based SSDs will feature the new 2.15 firmware revision (which is based on SandForce firmware version 3.3.2.) We highly recommend that any customers that have experienced the BSOD issue update their firmware to 2.15.”

As the problem is rooted in the firmware of Sandforce’s SF-2000 series SSDs, other vendors are also expected to follow suit very soon. Anyways, Sandforce has begun rolling out the updated firmware to other vendors as well.

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