OCZ Inks Deal to Provide SSDs as Cache Solution to Dynamite Data's Servers

Paul Lilly

You may already be familiar with Dynamite Data through the company's Firefox plugin, which crawls through cyberspace to see if it can locate a better deal on items than the one you're viewing at, say, Newegg for example. The plugin works fast, and to ensure it always will, Dynamite Data has entered an agreement with OCZ to let the latter provide SSDs to boost server performance.

"Disk I/O is the fundamental bottleneck of any data heavy business," delcared Kristopher Kubicki , Chief Architect at Dynamite Data. "We could not scale without reductions in storage latency, and the best way to get that today is with OCZ SSDs."

Dynamite Data says it extracts more than 10,000 webpages per minute, roughly the equivalent of downloading content from 17 million webpages per day. This, the company says, causes considerable disk strain, and using conventional hard drives penalizes the process. By switching to OCZ's SSDs, Dynamite Data says it's able to deliver data processing in real-time without any lag.

Image Credit: OCZ

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