OCZ Goes on Hyper(sonic) Shopping Spree!


OCZ Continues Shopping Spree

Just months after gobbling up PC Power & Cooling , largely considered the authority among desktop PSUs, OCZ announced yesterday they're acquiring Hypersonic PC . The boutique OEM specializes in high end gaming machines in the US market, and OCZ will look to take their new division global. Hypersonic is the latest boutique to be bought out, with Dell previously snagging Alienware, and HP scooping up Voodoo.

Senate Stomps (not Stamps) Internet Tax

Last week the House of Representatives approved a four year extension to an internet tax moratorium in an overwhelming 405-2 vote, and last night the Senate upped the ante by approving a seven-year extension . Still short of the permanent ban sought by many, the two branches of Congress will have to reach a compromise on the length and other key areas before passing the bill to President Bush.

Vonage Settles with Verizon

Vonage no longer conjures up images of dancing girls singing " woo hoo, woo hoo hoooo ," and instead has become almost synonymous with patent infringement lawsuits. Getting one step closer to putting their legal woes behind, Vonage said they've settled a patent lawsuit with Verizon for a maximum of $120 million. Earlier this month, Vonage settled another patent suit with Sprint Nextel Corp. for $80, but they're not quite in the clear just yet; AT&T got in on the legal action last week and has sued Vonage for, you guessed it, patent infringement. We can hear the investors now - " Boo hoo, boo hoo hoo... "

What's Cooler than a USB Humping Dog?

Well, nothing really. But almost as high on the geek neato meter sits Matchbox Twenty's new method for distributing their newest album, which they're doing via USB bracelet! The $35 bracelet, sold exclusively at BestBuy, will include all 17 songs from the album, the music video How Far We've Come , band interviews, a digital booklet with album art, and other goodies for use on your PC. It's a novel concept, but with BestBuy selling the standalone CD for $13.99 , will fans be willing to pay more than twice as much for the geeky gadget?

San Jose Libraries Get Rise out of Readers

San Jose, the tenth largest city in the US, really means it when they say ' the fun never stops .' How else could you explain the decision to allow porn on their libraries' computers? But not all residents are impressed, and pressured among angry protests, San Jose officials are researching the costs and free speech tradeoffs associated with implementing internet filtering at each of the 17 libraries. The city council voted against filtering in 1997 citing concerns that it would end up blocking legitimate health research.

Anti-Groping Cell Phone Software

Groping's gotten out of hand (er, in hand?) on Japanese subways, and potential victims have started using their cell phones to ward off threats . Released in 2005, the ' Anti-Groping Appli ' program is now the 7th most popular cell phone app, according to Spicy Soft Corp. When activated, the application flashes increasingly threatening messages to would-be gropers, along with a warning chime, with the last warning asking " Shall we head to the police? "

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