OCZ Goes For a Fatal1ty


OCZ has partnered with Fatal1ty (or more aptly, the corporate entity known as Fatal1ty), “to deliver a range of exciting new memory and power supply products that are engineered specifically to meet the unique needs of gamers worldwide”. In non-sales speak that means they are going to stick the “Fatal1ty” name on some RAM to sell to the masses. It’s a Jedi Salesman mind trick. Think you are going to play like Fatal1ty if you buy his RAM, Video Card, Motherboard, or whatever? Hardly.

Real PC gamers and enthusiasts know the products, and often do some deep research on specs and reviews before buying equipment for their machines. I am not interested in product endorsements from a former pro-gamer that has managed to turn his success as a gamer into a marketing tool. I want performance, not a higher price to pay to cover some guy’s endorsement.

Now, when the Jedi Salesman slaps the Fatal1ty label on some hardware, all I'm seeing is Obi Wan wave his hand at me and say, “This isn’t the hardware you are looking for.”

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