OCZ Developing a 'Limited Edition' Vertex 2 SSD


If Alternate.de's listing is any indication (see here ), OCZ is busy readying an update to its Vertex 2 SSD line, the Vertex 2 'Limited Edition'.

Fudzilla says the updated SSDs will be available in 100GB and 200GB capacities , but it's unknown whether the Limited Edition units will use the same SandForce controller as found on the Vertex 2 Pro. Either way, the upcoming drive sports some pretty impressive read and write speeds, with Fudzilla reporting reads to be in the vicinity of 250MB/s to 270MB/s, while writes will cruise along at 235MB/s.

Like most high-end SSDs, the Vertex 2 Limited Edition units aren't likely to come cheap. At the current exchange rate, Alternate.de has the 200GB model listed at roughly $1,237, or about $6.18 per gigabyte.

Image Credit: OCZ

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