OCZ Claims Die Shrink Will Lead to Lower Priced SSDs

Paul Lilly

We're all for seeing solid state drive (SSD) price levels drop down within reach of mainstream users, and we look forward to the day when we can justifiably build an HDD-less system without putting off the mortgage payment or making any capacity concessions. That day is still a long ways off, but OCZ's latest die shrink should inch us ever closer to SSD nirvana. OCZ, now fully focused on SSDs, says it's the first SSD maker to successfully transition to 2Xnm NAND flash-based storage solutions, which in turn will lower prices, the company says.

"OCZ is constantly exploring ways to not just advance solid state drive design but also make the technology more affordable, while maintaining high performance and reliability standards," said Ryan Petersen , CEO of OCZ Technology Group. "We are excited to complete the transition to the next generation 2Xnm NAND components which reiterates our strategy of producing high performance SSDs at the most attractive price point available for consumer applications."

Those who wish to purchase OCZ-brand SSDs built around the older 3Xnm technology will still be able to do so, but at a higher price-per-gigabyte ratio, OCZ says. As for performance, OCZ doesn't expect to skip a beat in its transition to 2Xnm.

No word on when the first 2Xnm-based SSDs will arrive.

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