OCZ Brings StealthXStream Power Supply Back for a Second Act

Paul Lilly

OCZ this week unveiled the StealthXStream 2 power supply series, the follow-up act to the original StealthXStream aimed at the entry-level and mid-level markets.

"Three years ago we launched the original StealthXStream PSU line with the goal of delivering a power supply with the right balance of performance, features, and value," said Alex Mei , CMO at the OCZ Technology Group. "The new StealthXStream 2 is the natural evolution of this popular line and features an updated core, a sleeker more compact form factor making it easy to integrate into any chassis and plenty of stable power for dual GPU platforms, and with a complete range of models to choose customers can select the perfect wattage for their unique system configuration."

Available in 400W, 500W, 600W, and 700W flavors, all four new models are 80PLUS certified. The 400W and 500W units feature a single 20+4-pin ATX connector, one 4-pin CPU, one 6-pin PCI-E, four peripheral, one floppy, and three SATA plugs. The 600W model ups the ante with a 4+4-pin CPU connector, 6+2-pin PCI-E, and 5 peripheral plugs, while the 700W boasts six peripheral connectors, two floppy connectors, and six SATA plugs.

No word yet on price, through for a point of reference, the original 500W, 600W, and 700W StealthXStreams street for $55, $70, and $75 on Newegg, respectively.

Image Credit: OCZ

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