OCZ Announces High Density 4GB DDR3 2133MHz Modules

Paul Lilly

OCZ today introduced new high-speed 4GB modules aimed at enthusiasts and prosumers. According to OCZ, the new sticks are ideal for intensive multi-tasking, gaming, or home server use.

"Usually high speed and high density don't go hand in hand, but our newly introduced high density 2133MHz memory solutions are engineered to do exactly that," said Alex Mei , CMO at the OCZ Technology Group. "Designed for more than just raw speed, these new kits deliver an excellent blend of performance, density, and reliability for a wide range of applications ranging from rendering video to smoother gameplay on the latest titles."

The new 4GB modules can be found in several of OCZ's memory products, including the Flex EX, Reaper HPC, and Platinum series, and are available in either 8GB (dual-channel) or 12GB (triple channel) configurations.

Image Credit: OCZ

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