Oculus Denies ZeniMax's Allegations of IP Shenanigans



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Why would they sue a company with no money or revenue? They waited for the company to be acquired by someone or for them to break out and make money on their own. To sue a new company when you don't have the tech is a bad play. Now if they do have a legit suit against them they could possibly get paid OR have shared technology. If this was done within the past year or so it would of just shut the technology down probably and would of been a loss for everyone all around and no one would of been making VR headsets, not even Sony.



Did they just accuse the living code writing master of gaming of felonious theft of... Code? This could lead to a character slander retaliation lawsuit against them... John pioneered curved surface rendering... Not to mention that whole doom thing in general. He wants to be on the edge of gaming tech. He thrives there (usually). But always pushes new levels of awesome. He doesn't need to steal any code but does need to stay ahead in the evolving game that is game programming. Shame on zenimax....



They had Carmack, and the option working with Oculus to develop VR games. However, they didn't want to invest resources in what the executives considered a long term high risk niche market. However, since Zuck and his billions saw the potential of VR now Zenimax suddenly discovers that they are the source of Oculus code. BS! I bet if Carmack’s rocket company had suddenly gotten a lucrative contract they would claim that all his work on that program was Zenimax’s too.



If Zenimax has patents that are used without permission by Oculus, they have valid reasons to sue. But suing because of what's in someone's brain is a different thing. That would be similar to colleges all over the country suing companies for things their employees learned or researched in their classes.



If Carmack contributed one line of code to the SDK or even ideas for the product (depending on his contract with Zenimax) he could be liable.

It's interesting that Carmack didn't deny the allegations only saying that Zenimax doesn't own VR... a bit vague.