Oculus VR Publishing Arm Headed By Ex-EA Executive

Brittany Vincent

Publishing arm has been quietly working with developers

Oculus VR broke the news yesterday on its official blog that it will be opening a publishing arm managed by David DeMartini. You may recall DeMartini from his prior stint as EA's former senior vice president, and now he's leading the Oculus team in partnering with developers to give the fledgling peripheral a headstart when it finally hits the market.

In an interview with Gamasutra , DeMartini went into further detail about his new role within the company: "What I'm doing at Oculus, it's not particularly different from what I did for seven years at EA as part of the EA Partners program. I'm figuring out how to partner effectively with big developers, small developers, all the way down to the individual who just wants to make something great for the Rift."

The virtual reality headset is poised to arrive in retail stores next year, so hopefully if it does become available for all customers, DeMartini's hard work will become readily apparent in the form of a glut of new games to enjoy on our shiny new hardware.

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