Oculus Rift Used to Simulate a Bird Flying

Sean D Knight

Feel what it’s like to fly like a bird

A team of designers at the Zurich University of the Arts in Switzerland has developed a VR machine that simulates a bird flying . The VR device, called Birdly, allows users to mimic how a bird flies through the air in a unique fashion and is the world’s first bird flight simulator.

While the Oculus Rift provides a birds-eye view, there are a few other parts to help with the simulation. There is a fan that replicates headwinds depending on how fast the user is travelling and a complex setup where the user lays flat on their stomach with controls that help simulate a bird flapping its wings. Not only that, but the machine also replicates smells.

Although Birdly may only be an exhibition, it is an interesting direction to take the technology in. And be sure to check out the video that provides a glimpse at how the device works.

Will other VR machines be developed that might simulate other types of flight? Like a dragon?

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