Oculus Rift Founder Believes 30 Frames Per Second is a Failure

Paul Lilly

Palmer Luckey says VR gaming needs to be at least 60 frames per second

If you're pulling 30 frames per second in your game, it's playable, though you don't want to dip much below that. Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey has a different number in mind for virtual reality. According to Luckey, VR gaming needs to be in the neighborhood of 60 frames per second -- at 30fps, he considers it a failure and calls it a bad artistic decision. His opinion isn't necessarily limited to VR gaming, either.

"Virtual reality is going to need much higher frame rates than consoles," Luckey told LinusTechTips , according to PCGamer . "Although even for consoles or traditional PC games I don’t think 30 frames per second is smart. It’s not a good artistic decision, it’s a failure."

Luckey went on to say that you see diminishing returns between 90 and 120hz, adding that in the foreseeable future, VR gaming will likely end up somewhere in that range.

You can hear more of what Luckey had to say in his interview below:

Image Credit: Flickr (Derrick Coetzee)

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