October 2005


Next-Gen Windows
Microsoft's long-delayed but highly anticipated next version of Windows--code-named Longhorn--is running in the Lab! Next month, we'll give you the nickel tour, explain how it works, and introduce you to all the new features. Then, we'll answer the $10,000 question: Should you plan on upgrading?

RAM Buyers Guide
Explore the mystical world of memory with our all-inclusive buyers guide. Our experts will tell you all you need to know about our little stick friends, including the differences between expensive RAM and chap RAM, what type of memory is right for your rig, and how much memory you really need.

Lean Machine 2005
Yes, it's lean, but boy oh boy is it mean! This year's budget box proves you don't have to rob a bank or sell a kidney on eBay to afford a super-fast PC!

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