Obscura Digital's Multi-Touch Hologram Blows Our Minds


Hollywood has been on the touch computing bandwagon long before Microsoft debuted its surface technology, and while we may never see a computer like the one Tom Cruise used in Minority Report to hunt down future criminals, or be engulfed in a virtual holographic cone like Michael Douglas in Disclosure , we are starting to see some real life groovy demonstrations of the emerging technology.

The newest example comes from the high tech marketing gurus at Obscura Digital, who recently showed off its VisionAire project. On its blog, Obscura describes the artsy demonstration as "our standard multi-touch framework [integrated] with the Musion system we have in house," but instead of actually touching anything, the presenter gestures in mid-air to control the windows and objects seen floating around.

Catch the video here , then fire up your Wii to be reminded how far the technology still has to go before being ready for home use.

Image Credit: Obscura Digital

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