NZXT's Newest Fan Controller is All Meshed Up

Paul Lilly

Case designer NZXT also dabbles in related peripherals, like power supplies, cables, case fans, and fan controllers. The company's latest product -- Sentry Mesh -- is another fan controller, but unlike previous ones in NZXT's lineup, this one is intended to blend in with the growing number of cases sporting a mesh facade.

Dressed in all black steel mesh, the Sentry Mesh includes five 30W fan control sliders and fits into any spare 5.25-inch optical drive bay. It uses 3-pin connections to hook up with your case's fans.

"Sentry Mesh is a perfect minimalist solution for gamers who want to customize their airflow, but don't need a ton of extra features," said Johnny Hou , Founder and Chief Designer at NZXT.

It also puts a minimal hit on your wallet with an MSRP of $25.

Image Credit: NZXT

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